I say a healthy America stimulates the World Economy. While it is true that President Trump’s taxes and import duties will cause a contraction in World markets for probably five to six years, if America continued its Obama Course it would have become bankrupt: that would have caused havoc in the world markets beyond compare.

The responsibility for the sharp contraction we have to do through is simply because Barak Obamas’ Administration overspent and spent unwisely. It took 200 years to rack up a national debt of 3.5 trillion. Bill Clinton racked it up to $ 5 trillion. Clinton did a good job cutting government expenditure at exactly a time that he should have used government expenditure to avoid a recession. He crippled businesses, shrunk the US tax base and made it necessary (so he said) to increase taxes.

George W Bush sent debt soaring to 10.5 trillion. But Bush had reasons to spend. he spent to save the US economy from the sub-prime bankruptcy; the Iraq war & Hurricane Catherine, which caused more hurricane damage than any Hurricane in history. And Obama? He spent $ 9.1 Trillion exporting jobs to American competitors. Obama spend gained nothing whatsoever.

Obama zero rated competitors imports while allowing them to charge USA 35-50% import duty. Obama’s policies cost the USA 5.8 million Jobs says IRS and National Treasury.

Why is this important? Other countries should take notice of what President’s Reagan and Trump have achieved using the same formula. Cut corporate & individual taxes, increase government spending,  apply import tariffs, cut regulations against business and cut government expenditure. In trumps case he’s doing all this and he’s stopping duplication in government, sending professional job dodgers back to work and etccc,jklsn ls/kn klds nsldn lds lsn

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