CHARLOTTEVILLE RESIDENTS ALLEGE DEMOCRAT MAYOR MICHAEL SIGNER INVITED IMPOSTORS TO POSE AS RIGHT WING FANATICS (KKK) AT THEIR RALLY TO DISCREDIT THEIR RALLY – THE FACTS SUPPORT THIS ALLEGATION – The record shows Signer got the DNC to buss in ANTIFA & BLM to stage the riot. Signer denied the citizens their license to protest, then teh Citizens forced Signer under threat of arrest for contempt of a court order to issue the license. As if in an act of defiance Signer on the day ordered the National Guard State Troupers to allow BLM and ANTIFA who were illegally there to to attack Charlotteville residents on the pretext that the fake-KKK members represented the protesters. Signer only moved in the State Trouper so tdefuse the situation after a young teen killed an ANTIFA illegal in frustration that Signer had allowed this friends and family to be attacked. Signer moved the troupes into separate the attackers from the residents after the life was lost. Signer moved the National Guard five hundred meters away and out them in an enclosed municipal building,, with no line of sight to observe the behavior of the crowd. He had 500 State Troupers to control 300 protesters. There was no reason whatsoever this riot should have occurred. His 500 string troupers were armed and they outnumbered the protesters 5:3. Mayor Signer should be charged with murder or some other appropriate charge..

  1. SETTING UP UNTRUE EVENTS (MISINFORMATION)  – Our information is Charlotteville residents did not recognize or invite Klu Klux Klan members to their demonstration.  They allege their Liberal Mayor Michael Signer shipped them in at the same time as Signer bused in ANTIFA and BLM to start a riot. The violence that ensured was blamed upon President Trump as if the had organised the violence.
    1. Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail said President Trump was mentally deranged and he would cause WWIII. Clinton said, “Can you imagine if he (Trump) had his finger in the button,” three times in an interview with obvious malice.
    2. Clinton called him and the Republican Party voters, “the Deplorables.”
    3. DNC made a big thing about Presidents Trumps red hair appearance and alleged manners.
    4. New York Dimtard Senator Chuck Scummer & Californian Senator Nancy Pelosi went on a month-long rant claiming  that President Trump is insane.
  3. DEFLECTION OF ACCUSATIONS BY PROJECTING THE BLAME TO ANOTHER PARTY – i.e. In reply to Mayor Signer’s role in mobilizing ANTIFA and BLM to riot at the Charlotville demonstration: the Left blamed President Donald Trump who had no part in the event of being responsible for the confrontation. Read more below…. of How Demtard Mayor Signer engineered the violence.
  4. CREATING OF ANOTHER EVENT SEEMINGLY MORE IMPORTANT – i.e. when DoJ comes under pressure to indict Obama & Clinton & their swam creatures, they Counter attack creating events like Charlotteville and we suspect school, church and stadium shootings to start rioting against the 2nd Amendment – although a diversion, the repeal of the 2nd Amendment is a very real political objective. Other Socialists like Lenen, Hitler, Mussolini, Kim Sung, Mao Se Tung and a plethora of African dictators (including South Africa) disarmed their population before Genocide.
  5. Use of propaganda phrases to disguise the true meaning of what’s happening: i.e.
    1. Politically correct means, ” generally unfair but made fair because they say so.”
    2. Dreamer means,
    3. Name calling what they are in fact guilty of: i.e.
      1. From 8th December 2016 – National Demtard Party accused President Trump of collusion with the Russians in order to distract  the investigation away from the fact that The Obama  & Clinton Administration were paid US$ 189 million from the Russians paid to the Clinton Foundation after Hillary Clinton and Obama sold 20% of the USA’s uranium to the Russian during 2013.
      2. National Demtard Party accuses anyone in disagreement of being Nazi’s yet they employ the same tactics as Nazi did. i.e. National Demtard Party through Soros Foundations paid ANTIFA & BLM to burn buildings in events that pretend  that the violence was from initiated by public anger. Adolf Hitler Lenin,Stalin,Mussolini,Kim and Mao se Tung were masters of this deception -the common theme is socialists do this. It is a textbook tactic used to make people think the violence is because the establishment has done something wrong.It is an effective lie.
    1. Charlotteville-
      1. Mayor Michael Signer announced the city was to remove historical statues relating to the founders of the nation.
      2. Charlotteville residents applied for a permit to demonstrate against removal of the statues.
      3. Mayor Signer refused the permit.
      4. The Citizens applied to Court and received an order compelling Demtard Mayor Signer to issue the necessary permit.
      5. Signer organized the Arrival of ANTIFA and BLM by the bus load, to confront the protesters and it is said arranged a handful of impostors pretending to be out of town right wing extremeist to provoke a confrontation.
      6. Signer had also arranged for 500 state troupers to be present that day, but instead of telling the State Troupers to keep the ANTIFA & BLAM apart from the crowd of about 300 residents and about a dozen alleged right wingers Signer:
        1. Told the state troopers station themselves inside a municipal building 500 meters away – inside so they could not give testimony of what happened, because they couldn’t see what happened.
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