Lauren Southern a Canadian is doing more for awareness of colonial progeny than our people do for themselves

One of the compelling reasons to have the right to immigration under a passport from the Western Democracies is it is no longer safe to live n South Africa.


I contend a legal case to claim citizenship and damages is possible if Colonialists take legal action  against EU, UK & USA. The basis of claim could be very simple bases on common law in business, like they sent us to establish the colonies, they must take us back to restore us to what we were before our forefathers and heirs established the colonies. Secondly they breached an agreement made with us promising sovereignty, land and business ownership and trade agreements. The party that breached (them) the agreement is the party that pays. Whether we can avoid prescription is probably our weakest link. Therefore, we can’t rely on law alone, we need to politic to force the hand of political thinkers. My guess is we should target universities to reason with the students. We should arrange demonstrations, media, chain letters through email and coscial media. Because we’ll probably be blocked on social media, we could start our own social media platform using proven software.

My aim is to develop this page to fund raise to take our case to the Hague.

I contend, Colonialists have received worst racial discrimination than they dealt, after we handed over the colonies to majority rule. While our medication, food and jobs grew their population several hundred times over, they have raped, murdered, discriminated, oppressed, robbed and persecuted us after taking power. This must stop. We Colonials must man up. I want all Caucasians trapped in SADC the freedom of choice to relocate to a civilized country and to receive compensation for lost property. I propose we use Lauren Southern as our publicist to present the SADC case. She is credible and very good at her work.


This is what I propose to do:

  1. Collate a database of death certificates and proof of deaths resultant from discrimination & details thereof, like that right.
  2. Proof of assets lost to bring claims against the governments.
  3. Statistics of above to support legal action.
  4. Fund raise through subscriptions of US$ 10 per month x 60 months; to be paid to a trust account and audited by PWC.
  5. Retain immigration attorneys.
  6. Approach embassies to ask for citizenship.
  7. Publish recording of positions taken by mother countries in an intensive PR campaign.
  8. Activate university students abroad to protest in favor of colonial rights.
  9. Bring legal action against EU, UK & USA on behalf of all colonials and their progeny irrespective.
  10. Set up a network to provide relocation information, identify business opportunities. I would like our people to use this as an opportunity to do business. i.e. a person could get hold of tender board information abroad and publish that with a subscription for using this service. Travel agents could advertise their services. I have approached AOPA for a group membership that could save 25% on car hire and up to 60% on US hotels – we’ll need a travel agent to administer that service. Someone could write to various governments to find agricultural projects.

Before we go on, I need help. I can’t do this on my own. Startng with my immediate needs, I need a Word Press expert to advise me in simple things like,  how to change the Rocky Mountain photo that is repeated on the main page. I don’t want the landscape above to appear on this and every page. For instance, in this page, I want a collage of the dead, like the image below to appear as the main picture, then to have a gallery of pictures of each deceased as it appears on the right. In another page in same space I might want a picture of Mugabe & Manangagwa passing cards under the table while a Widow bets her fortune… each page should have a separate main picture… thanks

My aim is to set out a Roll of the deceased, containing cause of death, that we can use to motivate right of abode for Caucasians in Western Democracies. I need help from people who want to become administrators. It will help if we find journalists. This roll content is to become a permanent feature of my magazine to be named Patriot Express.

There will be a Classified Ads section where I want all Colonialists to provide a CV, so we can network. For instance, I can offer people periodic employment in construction contracts. Everyone has something to offer.

My reason for doing this is because I believe there is an undisclosed war against whites in  Africa, and I don’t want my future grandchildren to bear the burden of an unrestrained Left  Wing World that is discriminating against being white.

It does not stop there. Anyone of any color who has been oppressed on political ground will appear here to, so this is no service for racial purposes, but for settling a wrong right. The focus is upon getting Caucasians out of Africa because we are the ones being discriminated against on the basis of our colour.

I oppose the corruption and  abuses of power in the regimes in Zimbabwe and South Africa. I am sure there are other parts of Africa that persecute their people on the basis of race and political allegiance. We should try to record all political murders. Regrettably in the black community, we are unlikely to get records from government. We’ll have to do the best we can.


This picture gives and idea of where we are going with this. My guess is there is a way of creating a role of honour that has links to a personal page like Facebook, that also allows comments for friends and families to pay last respects. I think the comments will help us paint a picture to show the world we are being targeted. When we have done this I want to move on to create a database showing how we are being discriminated against in the work place and government. This is necessary to motivate our case for right of abode in Western Democracies.

Please comment and if you want to volunteer please do. I am working on this in the hope that many of you have expertise that will fast track the development of this usual service.

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