US VISAS – a brief summary of options

These are immigrant Visas that allow you to line and work in the USA. Unless otherwise stated, you are allowed your wife and children under 21 and your parents in retirement provided they do not work. Exceptions are made in family businesses, employing more than ten Americans – directly or indirectly.

  1. EB-1 Visa – Professors, inventors, managers on transfer.
  2. EB-2 Visa – Advanced degrees & exceptional skills
  3. EB-3 Visa – Professionals, skilled workers & unskilled
  4. EB-4 Visa – Religious workers, broadcasters, NATO, US Military, Panama Zone employees.
  5. EB-5 Visa – Investment & create 10 jobs directly or indirectly for US Citizens – this leads to a Green Card 24-36 months.
  6. Look for destinations with concentrations of Southern African people.  A network is a good idea as long as you are not always doing the “When we,” bit. There’s no harm in occasional comradeship and business networking.
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