Scandals – RHINO’s (Republicans in name only) – Trey Gowdy

These persons pretend to be Republicans while they support Democrat Platforms that are patently against their party’s policies and have no moral justifications whatsoever. It appears that even hard line Republicans are not beyond the reach of the Democrat cheque book purportedly carried by George Soros.

  1. (R) Congressman Trey Gowdy – Gowdy was once a formidable opponent of Hillary Clinton when he worked with (R) Jason Chaffetz in Congress to bring Hillary Clinton to trial for the murders of Ambassador Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith and Doughty at Benghazi Embassy.
    • Clinton under cross examination in Congress.
  2. Later Gowdy co-prosecuted Clinton in Congress for having a private e-Mail server at home in which she sent and received 33,000 emails under Federal protection.
    • Clinton under cross examination in Congress.
  3. Then, 2017 after the appointment of Special Council Bob Mueller who was patently employed by the National Democratic party to fabricate reasons to impeach President Donald Trump, Trey Gowdy seems to flip to the other side, he jeopardized the by advising him to expose himself to Mueller’s Witch Hunt and seemingly supported Mueller several times lang after the public believed Mueller was clearly discredited, again exposing President Trump when Gowdy should have protected President Trump.
    • 2018 Feb 6 by Daniel Sobieski – The Link Between FISA Fraud & Deep State – Gowdy covers for Mueller
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