Scandal – Rod Rosenstein (Department of Justice – DoJ)


  • 2017 – Rosenstein recommends his boss James Comey‘s termination of service – possibly to protect Comey.  Trump fired Comey for absolving Hillary Clinton for Benghazi and illegal computer servers.
  • 2017 – Rosenstein appoints Bob Mueller to impeach President Trump using a false dossier – knowing there is no case.
  • 2018 Mar 1 – Fox News’ Mark Levin – on a FISA judge who knew DoJ had no case, and should have called FBI to investigate DoJ.  Levin says this is a felony. Rosenstein illegally orders renewal of the FISA application every 90 days. Levin says judges must be held accountable.
  • 2018 May 2 – Fox News by Tucker Carlson – Rosenstein defies Congress’ right to direct DoJ, when it is theri function & Jason Chafftez comments. 
  • 2018 May 3 – Fox News Mark Levin – reports DoJ’s policy for past 44 years is a sitting president cannot be indited, and gives reasons, but Rosenstein has ignored this.
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