2016 July FISA-Gate – Obama illegally applied for warrants to spy on GOP Candidate July 2016. The warrant was denied twice so, Democrat National Party (DNC) for British Spy to fabricate a case destroy candidate Trump before he became elected.

2018 Apr 5 Fox News – Julian Assange reasons US Soldier Bradly Manning, was incarcerated because he exposed Obama Administration corruption in Iran, Iraq Benghazi, Tunisia, then same podcast, Judge Janine reports on how Obama and his administration caused Clinton U$ 145 million from Russian Rosatom Ltd, comments on Obama’s fake FISA Application, criticized DoJ AG  Sessions recused himself from investigating, Janine Adminished Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy Mitch McConnel

2018 Apr 4 – Wikileaks TV – Summarizes the DNC paid a Former British Spy named Michael Steel to fabricate story that Trump caused the Russians to influence the 2016 elections.

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