1. 2018 May 3 – Wikileaks TV – The Citizen’s Judicial Oversight Program reports – Deep State on the Run:
    • 30-50 Congressmen are preparing to step down before the elections.
    • Aircraft are flying to Guantana Bay 7 with transponders switched off
    • Massive shipping containers 100 meters long and four stories high have moved on huge extra-heavy  load trailers without number plates or identification- Q Anon states Democrats are moving out Congress and Senators who could be held to testify abroad – to Cuba? A tall order I think>
    • Mueller investigates without limitation to frame President Trump.
    • Congress demands the Trump file from Mueller to judge whether Mueller & DoJ had reason to investigate in the first place. Like FISA warrants, the courts have to extend Special Council Authority every three months.  After its fifth extension and US$ 19 million US Congress want to see if the investigation warrants further funding. Muller & DoJ have refused to give the files.
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