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Database for members to self log in and to place this information on record.

  1. First names
  2. Surname
  3. DOB & Place of birth
  4. Occupation
  5. Mobile Number & Email address
  6. Website of self or business – Carter Property Group
  7. 250 word advertisement.
    • E.g. 1 Established 1983, I’m self-employed realtor & property developer with 35 years experience, seeks property to develop in Johannesburg, Florida & Texas USA. We specialize in developing buy to let property from planning approvals through building, furnishing, property management to your exit through sale of property. Carter & Carter have produced a portfolio of 600 buy to let properties that have produced an admiral ROI of 18.2 % pa since 1995. R 100,000 invested 1995 earned R 3,142,000 by 2015. We’re looking for property sellers, property finance investors to provide secured loans for project fiance. We’ll pay 15% pa secured by a mortgage. We will pay long term property investors in SA 16-25% dependent upon inflation rate. Owning to a very strong bull US bull market, we forecast a 8% rent yield and capital growth of averaging 4% pa. This return is secured by a Bank of America guarantee.
    • E.g. 2 Plumber City & Guilds registered plumber seeks position with established company. I am a family man with a daughter and granddaughter. I will work a forty hour week, but I must have evenings off.
  8. CV in PDF attachment – please use the downloand provides and fill in the entire questionaire. When the request is not applicable write, “Not Applicable.”
  9. Education & Certificates – In PDF for download
  10. Certified ID Document Passport and VISAs
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