Chinese Communist Revolution 80 million civilian murdered

Lenin’s Communists,Hitler’s National Socialists (Nazis), Mussolini’s Fascists, Kim Sung and Mao Se Tung’s Communists all used Guerrilla warfare tactics hijacking popular causes. Guerrilla War was invented 600 BC by a Chinese general named Sun Tzu. Guerrilla War is a low intensity war that is characterized by repetitive hit and run skirmishes attacks on unarmed civilians, unarmed covoys, churches, ols age homes, schools ans other unprotected targets. The effect is to demoralize the civilians & keep the army engaged at a high cost to the government, while conserving own resources.

Muslims murdered 3.5 million Armenians Greeks and Assyrians 1914-1923 Quran demands that Muslims must give no mercy to kafirs when they have tactical superiority – like the Zou’s philosophy of running for self preservation, Islam teaches Muslims to coexist until capable of victory. Therefore they may be peaceful for dozens of years, but finally they must kill to impose their faith for Mohammad Said “it is better they be dead than unbelievers.”
Historians say Lenin & Stalin’s communists murdered  3 million Jews & 57 million Orthodox Christians between 1918 & 1960. Although there were massive firing squads from 1918 to 1930, most opposition were starved to death. Stalin would confiscate grain and animal fodder. Lenin is quoted as saying, “the purpose of Terrorism is to terrify.”  They over a period of time isolate the leadership, and they eventually take power by a coupe, or a negotiated settlement that was later revoked. Lying is socialist trait. 

leadership by third parties; usually former allies, who are themselves under internal attack by socialism to appease the Socialist within their own countries. Read more on The Downfall of The Western Democracies > Here!

The similarities between the Guerrilla methods used by modern socialists and Mohammad’s Muslim  Empire cannot be overlooked. In the context of the current invasion of Europe, it is important to notice teh Socialsist and Islam are trained to infiltrate the same way – then to wage war from within, and evetually wrest power. Upon taking power genocide takes place to establish the ideology. In pre-European Turkey (until 1923 ad) the Muslim Ottomans Empire ruled most of Eastern Europe from 657. During that time the Muslim’s were known as the Moors and the Ottomans. Muslims enslaved and murdered 50 million Europeans 80 million Hindus 60 million Buddhists and 70 million Atheists until the allies dissolved their empire during 1923.  In all, Ottoman Empire caused the genocide of 280 million people.

The world has moved away from confrontations between conventional armies. Guerrilla War methods allows small players into the game  of politics and this is the favored method of Socialist. They align themselves with popular causes then hijack their parties and eventually turn on the people of those causes one they have power. The history of these partes is the best defense true Democrats have against these thugs. So tell it the way it is!

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