American Political Scandals – Examined by US Congress

US Democrats are infiltrated by socialists bent upon the destruction of the USA. The subjects listed converge to produce a compelling argument for this point of view.

  1. Benghazi (D)
    • ISIS warned US Embassy of impending attack. Secretary of State was obliged to do a site visit to Ambassador Stevens, Tyrone Wood, Sean Smith & John Doughty
  2. Clinton E-Mails (D)
    • Clinton illegally used a home server for US Military correspondence. Clinton testifies to Congress.
    • Congress Inquiry – Combetti & Thornton refused to testify, while technician Pagliano’s failed to appear to testify. Paglino took 2nd Salary from Clinton & he erased backups of Hillary’s 33,000 emails
    • mmm
  3. Clinton – Dead men don’t talk
    • A list of persons allegedly murdered by the Clintons & theories of why thy were murdered.
  4. Clinton Foundation (D)
  5. Driver’s License Fraud (R)
  6. IRS targets Republican political figures and businesses (D)
  7. Obama & Soros Stock Market Manipulations (D)
  8. President Trump –
  9. Soros-paid activist organisations


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