The simple explanation that tells why colonial powers owe citizenship to colonials is from 1600’s to 1961 sent their subjects to colonize Africa under under a contract of promises to provide land, mining rights, markets, law and sovereignty under the protection of said colonial power.  I say Colonial Powers also owe citizenship to native families that served them because those families are disadvantaged from having served the colonies. They too had an implied contract that if they served say Britain, they received the benefit of protection. I say Colonial Powers repudiated this implied contract with both colonials and the native families that served them, and they are liable to pay compensation and grant them citizenship.

The notion that colonials took anything from the natives of value is hotly disputed. At the time that Cecil John Rhodes established Rhodesia, the Ndebele, an offshoot from Chaka’s Zulu nation routinely murdered their  East African cousins named the Shonas in raiding parties known as the 1830-1840 Shona Genocide which was the last of the massacres of the Zulu genocides known as the Mefecane. Rhodes brought peace, medicine, trade, prosperity and law and order that prohibited genocide. When Rhodes established the Rhodesian Colony 1902 he set aside sufficient arable land for the natives to plant 70 acres of land each. Assuming a tonnage of 5 tons per hectare against the commercial farm’s 8 tonnes per hectare that was equal to giving assets capable of producing US$ 75,000 per family if calculated at  2018 prices per ton.

However this opportunity the Zimbabwean natives (Shona & Matabele) was mismanaged. Medicines caused a population explosion. Natives used to high infant mortality and loss of family from war & disease put pipe thinking they were strengthening their economy because in the precolonial days, many children meant a comfortable retirement, when land and wildlife were abundant. Family planning was not discussed because it was  hot political issue among the natives, so the colonials adopted a policy not to interfere.  But, the rising population meant less land being available. Natives had no access to capital to buy fertilizer, plant & machinery – they were subsistence farmers. During the early years 1902-135 when land was abundant, life was a paradise in Rhodesia, but as the native population grew competition for land led to over-utilization and exhaustion of the land. During 2018, in a good year the TTL allotment could earn US$ 300 provided the rains come, and so, a general drop in standard of living became a feature of the tribal economy since 1902. During 1902 arable land per native was 70 acres per person. Today (2018) the allotment of TTL land is 4 acres.

The divide between rich and poor grew, because Europeans were generally better educated and the Natives were left alone governed by their chief who resented white interference with tribal matters. In European households the eldest son inherited the farm: other family members were educated to practice in trades and professions, and so, over-utilization of European-owned farms was minimized. During 1961 Rhodesian parliament stopped the subdivision of European-owned farms while Tribal Trust Lands did as they pleased.  So, continuing subdivision and restricted access to education systematically ruined native-owned farms and limited the native’s opportunities in commerce. It must be noted that during those days early settlers complained the natives were reluctant to work. It was first thought that natives needed to hunt and gather to feed their families, so Rhodes brought corn (maize) from the Americas to bring a crop that could be stored. Bringing maize didn’t work because the African had all he needed in the TTLs while his population was low: but slowly that wealth was reduced by over population and exhaustion of the land through inefficient farming practices.

On the other hand, their European counterparts used their resources better. They developed and maintained complex businesses in the cities. The white population grew slowly, so the division of inheritances allowed succeeding Europeans to surge ahead of their African counterparts in terms of wealth. As the division between rich and poor grew, African Nationalism that endorsed the redistribution of European owned assets, grew. This led to further impoverishment of the native, because the assets taken by Nationalists were given to family members of politicians who were generally uneducated and lazy to compound the problem. In African culture, its not expected of leaders to work for a living as it is expected their subjects will bring them gifts. I believe that it is this single aspect of the African culture that has set them back. They allowed their politicians to rib them without a word. Europeans tend to favor the democratic model to vote a party out.

At this point I repeat, the British owe colonialists citizenship for several reasons. The British sent Europeans to the colonies to occupy the territory and they recruited natives to support them. They made promises that they revoked. They forced unfair hand over of power to African Nationalists who they knew from experience were intent on stealing the infrastructure and assets built up by the European settlers.  In the negotiation of hand over, the British failed to protect property rights they gave colonials, therefore, the British repudiated their agreement with the colonialists: to colonize.  This breach of contract is in essence the repudiation that has led to the destruction of the lives of all African-born people, and the British should be held accountable. Because of British lack of accountability, corrupt African governments have increased poverty at least five fold since they have African Nationalists Power. During 1980 in Zimbabwe it was customary to give an employee 50 kg of maize meal that then cost, Z$ 5 and Z$ 26 in wages. Z$ 30 bought 200 liters of fuel which costs US$ 1.37 today = US$ 274 per month. Farm workers now get US$ 20c per day/US$ 4.40 per month = 1/61st of what they earned during 1980. In addition they had 12 acres of land in the Tribal Trust Lands 1980 vs 4 acres today. Source info  Zimbabwe Farmers in Zambia. That is 1/61th of what Natives earned under white rule.

The Elite made up of Europeans & Politically connected Africans took a 80% drop in buying power. IMF reports European income was $ 12,575 during 1980 and US$ 59,501 by 2017. If related to the fuel price then, 1980 $ 12,575 bought 52,325 liters of fuel, and if multiplied by  2017’s price of US$ 4.68 fuel the Elite should earn US$ 241,020 versus report of US$ 59,501. Therefore we argue the European is also earning 25% of what he earned during 1980 and the the farm worker earns 1.5462% (1/70th) of what native farm workers earned during 1980 and regrettably, unemployment in Zimbabwe is more than 98% vs 20% during  1980. This came about because the population grew 240% from 6 million to 14 million residents.

This pattern of poor governance repeated itself throughout Africa from Cape Town to Cairo and from Dakar to Mogadishu. The economies of self-governing countries collapsed under the weight of corrupt central government bureaucracies run by corrupt politicians and their lazy family members.

Had the colonials insisted upon a constitutional democracy that could never be changed by any number or percentage of voters; had they entrenched public adjudication of tenders; and they entrenched a citizens right to take up arms against its government like the USS’s Second Amendment in cases where their constitution was breached, I would bet my bottom dollar that Zimbabwean (and other Africans) would have a per capita income exceeding US$ 6,000 pa vs US$ 52.80 pa.

This brings me to my point, because the Colonial Powers forced a system upon the colonials and their Native Civil Servants employed by them, the British should pay us for the damages we received.

In the case of the Boers, they were the first colonials in Africa sent to provide fresh food to the Dutch East India company’s fleet on their way to the Far East. The Boers came from France, Germany and Netherlands due to political and religious persecution. They were known as the Huegenots during the 1700’s and 1800’s. Many Boers were political prisoners sent as slave labor, under Governor Simon van Der Stel to work on the VOC farms to supply Dutch East India Shipping with fresh food, while en route to India and China to trade in silks and spices to be bought in European markets. These governments also owe their pioneering families compensation and residence.

Although the the British displaced them during the First Boer war their European governments should have taken the Boers back when the British  took control of the Boers. Thus I believe the Boers should have a choice fo British, German, French of Dutch citizenship. And surely as a result of the Boer persecution by the British who too their women and children into concentration camps, do the British owe the Boers recompense.

To create a legal case to force the EU, UK, USA and Canada to grant African born Europeans and Native Civil Servants of the colonies citizenship in UK and Europe, on these grounds:

    • European governments caused settlers to colonize Africa 1650 to 1908.
    • They entered contracts granting land & business rights under their  protection.
    • They repudiated their responsibilities therefore, we  want compensation.
    • We demand restoration of the citizenships our ancestors held.
    • We demand fair compensation for our assets lost.
    • We demand you grant our colored cousins same benefits – they too have become victims under rogue tribal governments you put into power.
    • We demand our African servicemen are granted refugee status because they are likewise prejudiced by the Motherland’s breach.
    • We undertake not to become a burden on the state of residence: that many undeserving and unrelated refugees currently do.

Register here is you have European ancestors


To win this, we must motivate public opinion from our members andto support legal court in the Hague. Protest marches, media coverage, and to influence political groups in the EU that will support our cause. That will require a substantial library of research, professional opinions of historians and lawyers, brochures, talk shows, online marketing and recruiting of people on social media. I propose to form a Section 501c Charity in the USA, and we we pay the aforementioned costs  through subscriptions, to a trust account managed by the Trustees who are required to provide audited financials every quarter to the membership.

  • AFRICAN HISTORY – we needs historians, researcher and writers to provide content. Please volunteer.
  1. THE SUPER POWERS – Colonial effects in population, economy and standard of living on indigenous
    1. Roman Province of Africa – 136 BC – shows colonialism is nothing new and brought benefits
    2. Muslim invasion of Africa, Asia & Europe 480- 1923 AD – Dr Bill Warner shows the terrible massacres and initiation of the slave trade in north, west and east Africa by Muslims
    3. The scramble for Africa 1600 – Belgium, England, France, Germany & Portugal – brought Roman Law
    4. 1818 – The formation of the Zulu nation from the Nguni Tribes under Chaka Zulu.
    5. 1820-1840 – Chaka Zulu
      • Forced the Nguni tribes to form the Zulu nation through acceptance or genocide.
      • The Mefecane (Zulu genocides) estimates of the dead range between 1-2 million non-Zulu Bantus
    6. 1895 Cecil John Rhodes:
      • Established Rhodesia
      • Stopped the Mefecane
      • Brought medicine
      • Brought Maize from Americas to feed the Matabele (Nguni) and Shona (Kalanga) peoples – to provide a stable labor force for Rhodesia’s mines
    7. The investment into the economies of the colonies
    8. Benefits or hardships of the colonizers
  2. Colonization of Eastern & Western Cape 1652
    • Advertisements for settlers
    • Battles for dominance
    • Costs of war
    • Sacrifices made for the home country
    • Taxes paid to home hountry
    • Cost of serviced rendered by home country
    • Trade benefits
    • Key benefits for citizens shown by race group expressed as per capital income, relative wealth, healthcare services and relief from murder and wars.
    • The KOI Sans from
  3. Zulu Colonization of Natal:
    • Nguni arrival 1745
    • Formation of Shaka’s Zulu Kingdom 1817
    • Treaty with Henry Francis Fynn
    • Sale of parts of Natal by treaty under Chaka & hs borther Dingane
    • The formation of the Khosa tribe through civil war
    • The decimation of Koi Sans through wholesale slaughter
    • Establishment of the Zulu Autocracy
    • Dingane’s massacre of Piet Retief
  4. Kalanga (Shona) colonization of Zimbabwe:
    • The Koi Sans Genocide at the hands of the Kalanga tribes
    • Kalanga settlement present western Zimbabwe
    • The Kalanaga genocide at the hands of the Matebele
    • Establishment of Rhodesia – the end of the genocide, introduction of Roman Law, an golden era of economic prosperity & population growth of the Kalanga and Ndebele Nations
    • The Shona avenge the Mfecane – Mugabe’s & Managagwa’s Matabeleland (Ghukurundi) Massacres 1983-1984
    • First Caucasian exodus 1980- 1995 – reasons they left… tradesmen were readily absorbed by  South Africa’s mining industry. Trading with Zimbabwe became more important as manufacturing collapsed – generally white Zimbabweans kept theagricultural and mining economy working, but manufacturing slowly collapsed as skilled artzans moved South. To interview Rhodesians that stayed and went to compare how they lived at home and abroad. Their reasons for going. How many people they employ and what do they contribute tot he economy of their new homes. How those that stayed fared. The deterioration of the economy in Zimbabwe led to a rapid drop in standards of living for the majority of Zimbabweans and in some years starvation.
    • The rise and fall of the MDC 1987-2018. Constitution is changed 1988 removing white safeguards and controls.  ZANU-PF’s corruption becomes unsustainable. 1996 Morgan Tsvangari approaches Zimbabwe farmers Union for funding and logistic support. ZANU-PF loses the 2000 elections. Mugabe rejects election results and holds fast through an undeclared war against the MDC. wins SA President Thabo Mbeki’s support  – a new campaign of terror begins: land is taken without compensation. Overnight all farm title deeds are cancelled. The economy collapses as rampant inflation of 100% or more per month undermines the economy. ZANU-PF initiates the systematic arrest, beating and incarceration of property owners that refuse to leave: a campaign of terror that saw men women and children jailed resulted in the rapid evacuation of 90% Zimbabwe’s Farmers and 70% of their businessmen.
    • Second Caucasian exodus occurs from 2000-2008. Australiand Zew Zealand accept xxx farmers and business men. Do aquantumof how they have doneand what taxes they pay to their new countries of residence.
    • The collapse of
    • to be continued
  1. Reason colonization benefited Africa
    1. The rise of Socialism in affected countries, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Angola, Congo, Belgian Congo, Ivory Coast,
      1. Revolutionist’s methods of achieving power
      2. Civilians raped, tortured  and – compare revolutionaries to colonials
      3. Economic performance – compare revolutionaries to colonials
      4. Genocides – compare revolutionaries to colonials
  2. Aftermath of Nationalism
    1. White Genocide in South Africa – Lauren Southern – Farmlands
    2. Lauren Southern -Muslims
    3. African Rogue gallery


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