1. 2016/06/06 Clinton pays Steel for fake spying report against Trump.
  2. 2016/08/13 Fox News – Obama orders spying on Trump (FISA violation)
  3. 2016/xx/xx WT – US economist in UK Stephan Halper spied on Trump
  4. 2016/21/06 Fox News – Obama orders FBI post election to impeach Trump
  5. 2016/11/30 Walden Uni – Trump 302 seats vs Clinton
  6. 2016/12/06 XXXXX  – Obama, Clinton, McCain attempt insurrection
  7. 2016/12/XX XXXXX  – Soros mobilizes BLM & ANTIFA’s Berkley riot
  8. 2016/12/XX XXXXX  – Signer mobilizes BLM & ANTIFA’s Charlotteville riot
  9. 2016/12/20 Fox News – Electoral College votes Trump 304 vs Clinton 227
  10. 2017/12/XX XXXXX  – Las Vegas – Assassin kills 56 fans & wounded 851
  11. 2017/12/XX XXXXX  – Trump squeezes through tax cuts beginning Mar 2018
  12. 2017/12/XX XXXXX  – Trump gets budget passed, Rep. Paul Ryan knifes him
  13. 2018/02/XX XXXXX  – Assassin murders 17 children at Florida school
  14. 2018/12/15 Walden Uni – Forecast Senate Midterm election predictions



  1. Hungarian Jew – this WWII NAZI criminal assisted  in Jewish genocide
  2. Immigrated to USA after WWII as a refugee
  3. Studied at:
  4. Employment – Self employed hedge fund administrator
  5. Net Worth – Estimates vary between US$ 25 Bn & $ 1 Trn (2018)
  6. Controls 28 anti-American organisations shown above
  7. Funded Democratic Party (Since 1995)
  8. Funds campaign expenses for Democrats and RINOS:
    • Bill Clinton (D)
    • Barry Sorrento (D)
    • Hillary Clinton (D)
    • Sen. John McCain (R)
  9. Life ambition – he say, “to make America submit to a world government.”
  10. Applause:
    • News media – CNN, ABC, MSNBC, NYT, WP
    • Supports abortion
    • Open boarders/uncontrolled immigration
    • Submission of all governments to one global government
    • US President George Bush (Rep)
    • US President Donald J Trump (Rep)
    • USA
    • Hungarian President
  15. Convictions:
    1. 2002 France – Fraud, fined US$ 3 million
  16. ll

Republican Congressmen – Who Lie for Votes

2018 May 19 Fox News

Rep. Jeff Denham of Stanislaus County, is working with Rep. Carlos Curbelo of Florida to pass a “discharge petition” with the help of Democrats to get the package onto the House floor, as Fox News’ Laura Ingraham noted.

In addition to the 16 other signers noted by Ingraham Tuesday, GOP Reps. John Katko of New York and David Trott of Michigan added their names to the petition Wednesday, according to The Hill.

Carlson said the Republicans at-large ran in 2016 on a promise to secure the southern border and end illegal immigration.

He said people like Denham appear to want to “betray that pledge” with the “discharge petition.”


There are a number of ways to get into the US. These are the most common qualifying criterion:

  1. B1
  2. H1
  3. EB-5 An Entrepreneur – A temporary residence that becomes a permanent residence permit once you have:
    • Invested US$ 500,000 in a company that employs ten US Citizens on a full time basis for two years.
    • IRS has confirmed you have registered and paid your employees taxes.
    • We have low risk solutions through property and business ownership. Read on …
  1. mm

DEEP STATE ON THE RUN – 1 June 2016 – 2018 May 9th – Nick Carter

“In God we Trust”- certainly He is the only One we can trust in this sordid world of politics.

There is a lovely brew that’s bubbled away for some time about to blow finally the story is leaking out, but oh so slowly and I’ll explain the reason as we go along.


  • AG – Attorney General (Sessions)
  • DAG Deputy Attorney General (Rosenstein)
  • DoJ Department of Justice (Rosenstein & Sessions)
  • SC – Special Council (Former FBI Mueller)
  1. Starting now 2018 May 3 – Wikileaks TVThe Citizen’s Judicial Oversight Program reportsDeep State is on the Run:
    • 30-50 Congressmen are to step down before the elections. Why?
    • Aircraft are flying to Guantanamo Bay  with transponders switched off.
    • The picture at the link shows massive shipping containers 100 meters long and four stories high have moved on huge extra-heavy  load trailers without number plates or identification – te shadowy conspiratorial figure of Q-Anon states Democrat & RINO Congressmen & Senators are fleeing the USA – to Cuba? A tall order I think. Would Cuba risk  taking fugitives now they befriended USA and have tasted the benefits?
    • Reports indicate the AG has 340 sealed indictments piling up at the AG’s office – this doesn’t make sense. Is Sessions onside working secretly or the coward I think he is working for the Deep State?
  2. Replaying Events Leading To This Point – Obama Administration believed Clinton had the election in  the bag because:
    •  NDP  hired Soros election counters in their jurisdictions.
    • Voters may use fake Driver Licenses at ID  – no proof of US Citizenship.
    • DNP has 17 mil. illegal immigrants, voting in frenetic cross-state ballots .
    • Soros owns “Mainstream Media,” CNN, ABC, NBS & others.
    • NDP  has a deep state government controlling police, FBI. IRS & DoJ.
    • NDP has Deep State players in Military and Obama;s 8,900 UN military.
    • Obama bankrupted NDP to control it through Clinton Foundation Loans.
    • 83 of 319 (R) Congress receive Clinton F. election funding & vote Dems.
    • 2016 June – British Spy Steel paid US$ 7 mil. to fabricate Russian collusion  Fairytale.
    • FBI Comey, FBI Mueller, Pres. Obama, Sec. Of State Hilary Clinton, Sen. John & Lobbyist Tony Podesta, DoJ Rod Rosenstein benefit from US$ 140 mil. bribe paid by Russian Rosatom to Clinton Foundation.
    • Strzok sets up Donald Jnr. to meet a Russian Attorney who promised information on the corrupt sale of uranium to Russia.
    • 2016 Jul FBI Peter Strzok & DoJ Lisa Page confirm Trump stitched up
    • 2016 Oct xx the discredited Clinton’s Rival Bernie Sanders
    • Soros owns activist organisations BLM, ANTIFA & 28 others to generate media diversions upon demand (like Lenin Stalin & Hilter did)
  3. 2016 Dec 16 –  Obama & Clinton’s “Resist” Trump’s election campaign
  4. 2016 Dec XX – RINO’s led by (R) Senator John McCain,  (R) Se. Jeff Flake, (R) Chief whip of Congress named Rand Paul, campaign against the elected President-elect Donald J. Trump being appointed as President by the Republican Party.
  5. 2016 Dec XX – John Podesta speaks for the first time that he suspected the Russians contrived against Hillary Clinton being President. It was supicious because it came from nowhere.
  6. 2016 Dec – 2017 January 15 – Instead f handing over to Trump, Obama passes umpteen bills ad regulations that had not gone to the proper process through Congress and the Senate – Obama  called in haste Special UN meeting on the December 26, 2018, to drive through a resolution to declare Israel an unlawful state
  7. 2017 January ?? – FBI Comey warns Trump to toe the line with the Swamp. President Trump tells him politely to get lost. Comey pushes Trump over two months to force Trump to fire Comey. In Comeys April 2018 book Comey admits he forced  Trump to fire him so Comey could get Mueller appointed as Special Council to investigate Trump.
  8. 2016 Dec – Strzok  gets Russian to call Gen. Michael Flynn to set Flynn up & Flynn resigns.
  9. March 15 – 2018 April 8  –   Mueller investigates without limitation to frame President Trump and commits many felonies by withholding information from Federal Judge wh would otherwise deny them the FISA Warrants and Special investigations they sought to begin and prolong. i.e. They pretended the Steel Case was investigate; they renewed the warrants after its discovered the DNC paid Christopher Steel to provide false information to impeach President Trump: they renewed FISA Warrants every 90 days for 480 days when there was no case to justify it and DoJ D.A.G.  Rod Rosenstein endorsed  Mueller’s High Court Applications without a case; used false evidence to pretend DoJ had griunds for FISA warrants and Special Council , squandered US$ 19 mil. knowing no case exists. etc. This implicated the judges involved who will have to explain why they grate the order. Probably half a dozen people will lose jobs and some jailed 3-20 years.
  10. 2017 Mar – Mueller gag orders Flynn so he can’t make public statements
  11. 2017 April – Hitman Mueller indited Manafort alleges prescribed tax claim.
  12. 2017 Oct – Gen. Flynn sell house to pay legal defense
  13. 2018 April 8 – Congress subpoena S.C.Mueller & DoJ to: declassify the reasons that General Michael Fynn was fired; to give reasons why DoJ’s Deputy AG Rosenstein extended Muller’s Investigation & FISA Warrants. D.A.G Rosenstein tells Congress they have no right to the information when in fact DoJ reports to Congress 300 of 435 Congressmen demand D.A.G Rosenstein’s resignation and S.C.Mueller’s probe be wound up.
  14. Trump responded (tweeted) if DoJ denies Congress their constitutional right to over see the abuse of power by FBI & DoJ, they leave Trump with no alternative but to remove them from office – and that, implies also they will be prosecuted for contempt of court and not have the benefit of state lawyers to defend them. – Checkmate!
  15. 2018 May 4 – Fox News – S.C. Mueller and  D.A.G. Rosenstein paint themselves into the corner – they refuse to provide the information Congress subpoenaed and D.A.G Rosenstein also refuted Congress’ right to revive DoJ’s handling of the the Mueller investigation, setting up calls from Congress to fire SC Robert Mueller..
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