Scandal – Hillary Clinton

  1. 2010 May 5 – Clinton bust again – Russians paid Clinton US$ 145 million for sale of 20% of US uranium production
  2. 2018 Apr 13 – Wikileaks TV reports:
    • Hillary Clinton paid over a portion of her campaign funds to the pockets of her opposition to buy their loyalty, namely Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, John McCain and Republicans Jed Bush Carly Fiorena  and John Gunisinnach.
    • Her Aide Huma Aberdin is a long serving member of …. Aberdin crimes against USA include: membership of an anti-USA terrorist organisation named Muslim Brotherhood who declared war on USA; lying to FBI about classified information that her husband had on his laptop.
    • Exposes how Clinton fabricated and channeled misinformatin through Weiner to the Washington Post (WP) & New York Time (NYT)
    • Aberdin gets 20 years for spying against USA, but seen with a bracelet around her ankle in a Manhattan shoe store.
    • Blumenthal admits that he didn’t know if the accusations against Trump were true which he failed to verifify -he filed informed that he was told to by the DNC. Blumenthal faces 25 years.
    • FBI did not verify the information received through the Steel Dossier from Blumenthal and in fact information they knew were lies, leaving FBI Offcials liable for incarceration.
    • Republican memo alleges that the FISA Court was not informed of the connection with the FISA Court
    • Alleges Hilary Clinton had many lesbian affairs including wither her Aide de Comp Aberdin.
    • Aberdin lied to FBI saying he did not use her computer for work e-mails using only a Clinton e-mail through a portal, but is discovered lying when FBI inspects her husbands computer that had recods on his computer. Each email is eligible of ten year state information protection laws.
    • Clinton routinely hired in prostitutes and had drug parties.
    • Embassy staff were running a drug ring in Iraq.
    • Ambassador to Belgium Howard Dugnan who routinely dumped his body guards to seek out prostitutes who were mainly under age and Dugnan was arrested and convicted in Belgium of having sex with under age girls. Clinton did not fire him even after the Inspector General (IG) has investigated Dugnan
    • Aberdin’s parents founded an anti-US foundation named Instute Muslim Affairs by non other than Al Kaida godfather, Abdulla …ect
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