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Secured Loans - against fixed property - < than 24 months  yielding 12.5-18% pa

A secured loan, is a loan in which the borrower pledges some asset (e.g. property) as collateral for the loan. Once the property is mortgaged in favour of the lender/s, the loan becomes a secured loan. Provided the mortgage does not exceed the value of the loan, the lenders cannot lose their money. Therefore we only offer properties to lenders when the mortgage is less than 75% of a bank valuer's appraisal. You are welcome to have your own valuer assess the properties on offer too.
We use our company's properties as collateral to fund new developments and we also offer borrowers properties to our lending market. So, if you have a property with sufficient equity we'll be pleased to offer it to our lender's market place. The terms and conditions described herein apply to all properties offered, and, the borrower pays 3% raising fees.
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